Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

The search for the Bishop Family Christmas tree began December 1st... and I am so very proud to announce it also ended on December 1st. You see, I grew up in a home where the tree was the kick-off, my highlight, of the Christmas season. The four of us would go out desperately searching for the perfect McLaughlin Christmas tree. We would go from tree lot to tree lot analyzing, sometimes arguing, about which tree would look better in the house. Sometimes it would take more than just one outing to find the tree. But somehow we always managed to find the PERFECT, not-too-skinny, not-too-short McLaughlin Christmas tree. Some of my most treasured family memories revolve around our Christmas tree. So as you can probably assume, I was more than excited for us Bishops to start our own tree traditions. And may I just say, Nic got off pretty easy this year.

We started our hunt at Walmart (wouldn’t recommend), then went to Publix, and then Lowe’s, where we found “the one.” The perfectly green, fresh, not-too-tall for our town house, not too wimpy, symmetrical at all angles, Bishop Family Tree. My parent’s, also known as the Christmas Tree professionals, met us at the house to help set it up. And let me just say, it took less than an hour to get the tree in the tree-stand and to fluff it’s branches and move it into the house. I’m pretty sure that’s a world record... at least for my family.

And let the decorating begin... I took the lead on this one. I take great pride in the past McLaughlin trees that I helped my Dad decorate. Every year we would have a color scheme that we would run with. We even did things like go out in the back yard to collect pine cones to spray paint to match the scheme. Okay, okay, so Nic and I didn’t go that far this year, but I am so proud of our garnet and gold tree. And I am even more excited about the many more trees to come in our future!

So, December 1st will always be remembered in our household as the kick-off to our first Christmas as husband and wife. I'm overflowing with Christmas cheer, and I just cannot wait to create more “firsts” this Christmas Season with my husband!

We found it!
It's still standing!

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