Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet Bowden...

Last Friday, Nic and I adopted our first child... I mean, puppy.  His name is Bowden, and he is already part of the family.  And believe me, as a non-animal/dog lover, this is a BIG deal.  Over the last few days we have been getting to know our baby....

So let me introduce you...

Speaking of baby, Bowden is one.  He is a 7 week old, 3lb Dachshund/Chihuahua mix.  He is tiny!  He was neglected along with his Sister and Mom, but was found by an animal rescue in Crawfordville.

He is a ladies man.  Everywhere we take him, he makes heads turn and makes girls oooh and ahhh over him.  He knows he's cute too.

He plays hard!  He loves to wrestle around on the floor and recently he's been exploring new things in the back yard.  It's so cute seeing him run around because he still has those clumsy puppy feet and he trips over everything.  And he just discovered his tail which is hilarious!

He sleeps harder!

And when he's not sleeping, he's pooping and peeing.  Now this has been an adventure in itself.  Nic and I have started the potty training process.  It has been a pain!  Nic was up every two hours last night taking him outside.  Now if that isn't practice for a real baby, I don't know what is!  But all in all, Bowden is doing great and has had very few accidents.

Bowden has been very hard work, but he has also been a lot of fun and so sweet!  We love him already and can't wait for everyone to meet him.  We'll be keeping you posted of his progress in the coming weeks.


  1. How adorable!!! We will probably never get a little puppy since I don't have it in me to housebreak a dog (Ellie's only still with us because she came already trained!), but I will definitely enjoy googling over your little one!!!

  2. Oh little Bowden is so cute! We love his sweet self. And he & Macy are going to be such good friends, {once he grows a little bigger than the size of her toys}. :-)