Sunday, March 4, 2012


  • I love Sundays.  Probably because I love my church.  The music is awesome.  And the Pastor is pretty cool too!
  • We recently bought a king size mattress.  Oh, it is heavenly!  I don't think we could ever go back to owning a smaller bed.  But now that we have the mattress, I'm dreaming (no pun intended) of this Pottery Barn duvet.  
With a photo wall above our headboard similar to this one.  Let the decorating begin!  :)

  • Valentine's day kind of snuck up on us this year.  I was working on that day, but we did celebrate over the weekend with a good ole basic date night-- dinner and a movie.  The company made it extra special.  :)
V-day dinner with the Hubs.
  • This month, I will be celebrating TWO years of marriage to my beautiful husband.  It seriously boggles my mind how fast these years have gone.  
  • We've decided that because of future plans this year, we are going to go on a joint Anniversary/Birthday trip to Disney.  And I am PUMPED!  We are taking advantage of the Floridian special of 3 parks in 3 days.  It's gonna be fun.
  • We are going to Haiti in October (which is the future plans I was speaking of in the above bullet point).  We are going on a mission trip with our church and we seriously CANNOT WAIT!  I will definitely be keeping you posted on the details of our trip and how you may be able to be a part of our journey.  :)
  • Before all of these fun events take place, I have got to get myself a new camera!  Well, I don't have to, but I really, really want one!  :)  I'm thinking a Nikon.  Any thoughts?
  • I visited my boyfriend a few weeks ago.  Carter is such a handsome baby.  I can't get enough of him!
His different faces crack me up!!  So expressive.  :)

  • Work has been exhausting lately.  Emotionally and physically.  But I am so grateful to have a job.  And to do what I love doing.  I have learned so much in the last few weeks from my patients.  I only hope I make half the difference in their lives as they make in mine.  
  • And that leads me to Bowden.  Oh, sweet Bowden... could he be any cuter???

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!  :)

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