Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Crock-Pot is my New Best Friend

Last night, I wanted to do something special for Nic... just because. It was my one night off this week, and I wanted to cook him a meal. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Well, I know a meal doesn’t really seem that meaningful to most people, but in our house, a home-cooked meal is a privilege. I don’t get many opportunities to cook because of my hectic schedule, and when I do, there’s only so many types of food I know how to cook. We typically rotate meals including, white chili, pasta dishes, burritos, frozen pizza and sandwiches. Well, last night I decided to retire the frozen pizza and cook my first “big girl” meal. This was a huge deal.

And the menu was... roast beef, sauteed green beans, mashed potatoes and sour-dough bread. Yes, I know, I kind of cheated a little bit because I used the crock-pot to cook the meat. But, I’m not a chef, and since I’ve never cooked anything other than chicken, I did not want to ruin the meal. Crock-pots are fail-proof, or so I’ve heard. haha. Plus, since I was fresh off of a twelve hour shift, I just knew I was going to fall asleep at some point, so the crock-pot worked out perfectly.

Well, after eight hours of slaving away in the kitchen, I am proud to announce our first “real” meal was... delicious! And best of all, the hubs was happy! :)


  1. LOVE my crock pot...and it's not cheating at all!!!