Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday!!!

Last weekend Nic and I headed to Gainesville for a romantic getaway. Haha, well lets face it, how can Gatorville be romantic... we actually made the quick trip to G-ville for a weekend filled with family, an excuse to sleep in a king size bed, and to celebrate Nic’s Grandma’s (Mawmaw’s) 75th birthday.

Friday night we met my mother and sister-in-law and our nephew, Kerry, at a restaurant to catch up. We then all went to the hotel room for some more catching up. Let’s just say Kerry is a ball of energy! He loved playing with the guitar and drums on our Ipads and he even showed off his dance moves, and of course his Aunt and Uncle enjoyed giving him lots of love and attention. Nic’s Mom and Sis insist that he is just like Nic was as a kid... always moving and getting into things (in other words, hyper). I, on the other hand, was completely opposite as a child. I was the calm baby. In fact, on all of our home videos of us as kids, Haley is running around showing off for the camera, and I’m in the corner quietly entertaining myself. Haha. Anyway, Nic thinks it would be funny if we have a little redheaded girl with the crazy personality of Nic and a little boy with the cool, calm, quiet personality of me.

Saturday morning we had some errands to run before the birthday party. I packed for cold weather thinking it would be just as cool in G-ville as it was in Tally. It wasn’t. It was hot and muggy. So we went to the mall to get a few things for the much needed wardrobe change. Can I just say that the mall is the best part of Gainesville. We even indulged a little and ate some delicious soft pretzels and people-watched in the food court. You can’t get better entertainment than that!

We then headed to the famous Alachua County Ivy House for the Birthday party. The Ivy house is such a cute, quaint restaurant that serves delicious southern-style cooking. We had such a great time visiting with family that we don’t see very often and celebrating Mawmaw’s 75th birthday! Mawmaw is the glue that holds the Bishop family together. She is so sweet and nurturing, and she absolutely loves the Lord! She accepted me into the family with open arms like I had been there all along. I really do admire that woman. Although she was a bit embarrassed of her age, she was so proud to have family surrounding her and celebrating her 75 years. And I know she will have many, many more birthdays to come!

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