Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

 Since we are going on vacation in a couple of weeks for our big anniversary celebration, we wanted to keep things low key for our actual anniversary weekend.  Well, we had a whole lot of activities planned for our “low key” weekend, and our goal was to walk down memory lane.
We started the weekend off with a stroll around the place we said “I do.”  Goodwood Plantation looked beautiful as always and brought back a lot of sweet memories.  As we were strolling around the grounds we noticed another wedding setting up.  There were two guitarists practicing for the ceremony.  It was so romantic reliving those moments.  I am, however, very thankful that we didn’t have the same weather a year ago that we had last Saturday.  Our wedding weather was perfect!

For dinner Saturday night we went to another place that is near and dear to our heart, the place I said “yes.”  Nic proposed at a small, local Italian restaurant and we thought what better way to spend our anniversary weekend than to go to the place where it all started.  I don’t have any pictures of this, but let me just say that the food was delicious and the company was even better.  
Have I ever mentioned what amazing friends we have?!?  Each and every one of my bridesmaids helped to make our weekend special.  Sweet phone calls, creative gifts and even visits at the house made us feel so loved.

Kaley surprised us at church with this cute sign.  And then of course, she stopped by to give the puppy some lovin. :)
Later that day, the doorbell rang and this is what I found.  It was hilarious!  
Bethany decorated the cake tupperware with her new Cricut.  And made us a pound cake, which was delicious!!
Sunday night we went to Marie Livingston’s for dinner (where we had our rehearsal dinner).  We then went back to the house for dessert and gifts.  We pulled out our original cake topper, which has been sitting in a freezer for an entire year, and to be honest, I was not expecting it to be good.  Well, the cake completely surprised us, it was still delicious... now that’s a good wedding cake!  

Karen, Kaley's mom and also our wedding cake baker, re-iced our cake topper.  It was a neat surprise.

Nic modeling his new Ray-Bans!!!
And his new bracelet (courtesy of etsy).  :)
Ahhhh... I got a coach bag!!!!  :D
We received the Bishop sign in the mail from Tracy, and yes, she made it.  We have awesome, and crafty, friends!

I loved the box that my bag came in and wanted to get a cute pic of Bowden posing in it.  Let's just say he wasn't cooperative.  Haha.

Our Anniversary weekend was so special.  Nic and I both realize what a huge accomplishment it is to be and stay married these days, so it is important to us to celebrate.  It is also very exciting to know that we have years and years and years of more celebrations to come!

And this weekend we are continuing our huge celebration by going on vacation.  We are leaving Saturday to go to beautiful San Francisco, and I am beyond ecstatic!  We’ll be sure to take tons of pictures to share later!

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  1. Haha, that picture is so funny of Bran & I. Happy Happy Anniversary Friends! And YAY, tomorrow, tomorrow....the Bishops will be in San Fran!! I'm so excited for y'all! Take lots of pictures! Love y'all.