Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Trip to Disney!

Boy, have I gotten behind on my blogging.  I definitely have a lot of catching up to do because things have been a-changing in the Bishop household; so how about I just jump right in...

Our friend, Daniel and I have birthdays a day apart, so we decided to go on a weekend getaway to the happiest place on earth to celebrate.  Nic and I began our weekend celebration visiting my Grandparents.  Normally when we visit, we just hang out, catch up, do a little shopping or go to the movies, but this time my Grandparents wanted to take us sight-seeing.  So we visited Spook Hill and Bok Tower.  I have to admit, there wasn't much to Spook Hill.  But then again, if you're going with my Grandma, you'll definitely be entertained (she was amazed)!  :)  Bok Tower was beautiful.  It made for a very relaxing day.

Bok Tower
My beautiful Grandparents

We spent the rest of our weekend at Disney World.  We bought a special package that got us into 3 parks over 3 days.  We went to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  It made for an exhausting weekend, but we had a blast!

 Bethany and I on the monorail. Super excited to go to Magic Kingdom!

 Buzz Lightyear ride

 Hollywood Studios
 The Scariest ride... EVER!

 Taking a break during the rain.
 Animal Kingdom

Some highlights from the trip:  Space Mountain, Ice cream, Maggiano's (all you can eat Italian), Rockin Roller coaster, Tower of Terror, Soft Pretzels, meeting up with good friends Chuck and Hollie, Expedition Everest, watching Daniel and Bethany devour a giant turkey leg.

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