Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our New Adventure

In June, Nic and I were approached by our church to see if we wanted to take part in a new adventure.  The church was asked by a local apartment complex seeking out a couple to move in to be the apartment's Resident Assistance Program Representatives.  In other words, they were looking to have on-campus staff to plan events for the complex, visit home-bound residents, welcome new residents and basically build community within the complex.

When we were first approached, our answer was an automatic no.  You see, I don't like change.  It makes me nervous.  I LOVED our house. I was happy there.  Bowden had a fenced in yard, and we had great neighbors. We both work full time jobs and didn't want to add a third job to our already busy life. And I definitely didn't want to move into an apartment.  BUT, God had a different plan.  He started to change our hearts.

Later that week, Nic and I were sitting in the living room, and this subject came up once again.  We were talking about how life would be different if we were missionaries.  How if we moved to a different country we would probably still work full time jobs. We would probably be living in a small apartment surrounded by total strangers.  And we would probably be trying to build community while sharing the love of Christ.

As we were discussing how different our lives would be if we were missionaries, everything just clicked for Nic and I.  It was as if a light bulb turned on in both of our heads.  We were to be missionaries right here in Tallahassee.  We had to accept this opportunity.  This was a chance to love on others, to help others, and to shares Jesus with our neighbors.  For someone who hates change, I felt at peace with this decision.  And at the first of July, we moved to the apartment.

Things have changed a lot in the Bishop household.  But we have all adjusted well... even Bowden. :)  Every month we send out a Calendar of events that we have planned.  Some of them are big events such as our Back to School Block Party or our Fishing Derby.  Some are smaller, such as our weekly Wednesday Coffee Hour or Ice Cream Socials.  We have had the opportunity to get to know families, single Moms, college students, children and Senior Adults.  Although this has not always been easy... there are times when we are exhausted, times we are not feeling very social, and times where our patience is tested.  Those are the times when we are so grateful to our church for supporting us through this adventure and also volunteering to help at events.  And when we have the opportunity to meet someone new, or to be a listening ear to some who just needs to talk, we are reminded of why we are really living here.

Fishing Derby

Nic manning the Snow Cone station
Sunnyside Express Food Truck came to the apartment
Mom helping with crafts
Back to School Block Party
S'mores at the pond


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