Monday, August 23, 2010

March 26, 2010 Journal Entry

8:08 am: Woke up with knot in stomach.

8:15 am: Heather starts to straighten hair.

8:37 am: Ran last minute errands. Bought cake cutter, lolly-pop sticks, goodie bags, candles. Took items to Heather’s house.

9:50 am: Heather still straightening hair.

10:56 am: Chuck gets into town. Met at SpringHill Suites.

12:02 pm: Lunch at Chick-fil-a with Mom, Karli, Kevin, Kerry & Chuck. Barely got down a chicken sandwich. Table had a wobbly leg.

12:30 pm: Heather still straightening hair.

1:14 pm: Heather’s relatives from Lakeland arrive in town.

2:07 pm: Heather & Harrison Family are off to get manicures and pedicures.

2:15 pm: Mom, Karli, Kevin, Kerry & Chuck go to Kohl’s to buy last minute clothes for rehearsal dinner. Black socks for Kerry. Shirt and tie for Nic.

4:12 pm: Let Billy & Tracy into the house.

5:00 pm: Heather straightens hair.

5:50 pm: Heather goes to closet to get dress.

5:53 pm: Heather cannot find dress.

5:54 pm: Kathy goes to closet to look for dress. Cannot find dress.

5:55 pm: Don goes to closet to look for dress. Cannot find dress. Heather starts to cry.

5:56 pm: Heather’s entire family goes to closet to look for dress. Cannot find dress. Heather continues to cry.

5:58 pm: Kathy goes back to closet and finds dress in same place everyone was just looking. Heather stops crying.

6:06 pm: Everyone arrives at SouthWood Community Center for wedding rehearsal. Grandparents, Wedding party, Parents, Sisters, Nephews, Musicians & Friends.

6:17 pm: Practice entrance, vows, ring exchange, exit. Determine order of wedding ceremony.

6:28 pm: Try to keep from throwing up.

6:55 pm: Make jokes with T.J. to take my mind off the ceremony.

7:03 pm: Ask Karen & Don 7 or 8 times what the order of the service is.

7:35 pm: Arrive at Marie Livingston’s Steak House. (Best steak house in Tallahassee!) Ordered the steak. So did my fiancĂ©. Mashed potatoes, sweet tea, salad & cheesecake.

8:29 pm: Give groomsmen and bridesmaids their gifts. Shoes for the boys. Purses, necklaces & wine glasses for the girls.

9:03 pm: Kiss my fiancé goodnight for the last time. Say goodbye.

10:14 pm: Heather and bridesmaids put together bouquets. Writes checks for vendors.

12:00 am: Lay in bed and think about how amazing it is I get to marry my best friend.

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