Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Love of my Parents

Words cannot express how I feel about my Mother and Father.

My gorgeous Mom… just as she is slowly picking up traits of my Grandma, and my Grandma who has major similarities of my Old-Granny, I am undoubtedly resembling my Mom… and boy am I thrilled! She is such a beautiful woman, inside and out. I admire her work ethic, her hilarious “go-getter” attitude (even if it means chopping up an old pair of jeans to make curtains), her cooking, the way she nurtures us when we are sick, the way she encourages us when we feel like giving up, how she cannot hide how proud she is of us, her unconditional love she shares with my Dad, and her unshakable love she has for the Lord. She has raised both Haley and I to be thankful for what we have, to work hard for what we want, and most importantly, to love.

My handsome Dad… with his witty personality, his endless words of wisdom, his neverending support for his children, his mad grilling skills, the unconditional love he shares for my Mom, and the unshakable love he has for the Lord, I am so proud to call him my Father! What I admire most about my Dad is how he lives by complete faith. He is teaching me to become a leader, to invest my life fully in God, and how to love Him and His people… for that I am extremely grateful!

March 27, 2010 was a day filled with joy, laughter, and excitement. My parents shared all of those feelings with us. They were so proud of me and Nic. They were proud of our accomplishments, maturity, love for each other and the commitment we were making. With all of the beautiful emotions shared, there were also a few tears shed. My Mom was saying goodbye to the last child left in the house, her redhead, her baby girl. And my Dad, he was going to walk me down the aisle, lift my veil, kiss me on the cheek, and later declare us as husband and wife. It was emotional to say the least.

Mom and Dad, Thank you for loving me and loving Nic. Thank you for helping us plan our wedding. Thank you for raising me to be strong woman, to be a leader, and to live my life for Jesus. I love you both so much!

The morning of our wedding, I woke up to find a blog from my Dad I still read it from time to time and it never ceases to fill my eyes with tears…

Heather's Big Day

I am unabashedly proud of Heather. Anyone who knows me very well has learned that I do not hide well my pride for both my girls. Today is Heather’s wedding day. She and Nicholas will become husband and wife and will start today, the rest of their lives.

My first glimpse of Heather was, shall we say sunny-side up? The doctor had told us of her breach position and the necessary c-section, but I would still be allowed in the delivery room. At the proper time the doc said, “okay dad, you can stand up and look over the curtain.” When I stood, there was Heather’s tush shining under the surgery lamp. The doctor quickly lifted her up and brought her into our world: the second red head that would make my head spin.

When Heather surrendered her life to Jesus years later, I stood in the baptistry waters as she walked down with a nervous smile to publicly follow her Lord in believers baptism. I baptized her, now both my daughter and my “sister in Christ.” I noticed her eyes glisten just before she closed them and I lowered her in the waters that marked her Lord’s death, burial and resurrection. It was a proud moment as I stood there hugging her wet, radiant face close to my chest.

Her elementary school graduation was an emotional day. I remember thinking then how quickly she was growing up. Of course that song, “I believe I can Fly” was the class theme song and didn’t help my emotions one bit. I stood with other proud parents and gave her an ovation.

I attended many band concerts in middle school and high school and heard her play french horn. She was so good. I stood through just about every high school football game as “waterboy” for the band. It was curious that there were few parents who wanted that job. I tried not to embarrass Heather as I “did my duty.” I’m not sure I always succeeded. It made for long Friday nights as I stood for her.

I watched as she walked with her high school class for graduation. I stood and quickly found her as she managed one of those half waves up to her parents in the Civic Center stands. I fought back tears then as I stood to honor her achievement.

Her nursing school pinning was another proud moment. There she stood on the stage as my dear friend Joyce pinned her. Her family was asked to stand. I was glad to be holding the video camera because it gave me a something to hide the tears as I stood there and heard her word read by the nursing dean, thanking her family for helping her with achieving her RN.


Well, today I stand once again. I will walk her proudly down the aisle. I will present her to Nicholas Landon Bishop for the rest of her life as his wife. I will then take my place before them both and help them share their vows to one another. I will stand before her and in one moment, with one pronouncement, declare their lives different. I will declare them husband and wife. I will stand there and do it proudly.

Today, I do not finish being her dad, but I do mark a giving up. Guarding her, protecting her, providing for her, and so many other things, will now be handed off to a young man who has impressed me with his steady and sure love for my daughter. He has proven himself. Now he must prove himself everyday, as does she. I will continue to encourage them, help them and now love them both as my kids.

Today I stand and today, I am one proud father. Heather, you have blessed your mom and me in so many ways. You bless us again as we celebrate your special day. We love you.

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