Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Changes and Beachy Celebrations

Nic and I have recently made the big decision for me to make the switch.  The switch that I swore I could never do.  Yes, I have switched to day shift at the hospital.  This has been a BIG deal.  I didn't want to live the life of a vampire anymore.  Okay, so maybe I didn't suck blood, but I sure never saw day light, and it was starting to affect my mood, emotions, health and personal life... including my marriage.  Even though I was working my butt off during the night, I felt like I became so lazy when I wasn't working.  It was as though the life had been sucked out of me.  It would take the entire weekend for me to recover from my work-week, and then it would be time to do it all over again.  With the support of my husband and encouragement of my family and friends, I went out of my comfort zone (this is why it's a BIG deal), and made the change over.  And I am proud to announce, It was the best decision I could have made.  I honestly feel like a different person.  Who knew that seeing the sun and being on a normal schedule could made such an enormous difference in someone's personality and even outlook on life.  And coming home to see my husband every night is definitely a huge plus!

So, I feel like I'm back in the swing of things.  I now feel like I have the energy to do the simple tasks in life that I had been neglecting before...  like cleaning, running errands and straightening my hair (yes, even straightening my hair became a daunting task while I was on night shift).  And I have even more energy to do the things I had been hoping to do for quite some time like exercising, weekend getaways and cooking dinner (almost) every night.  :)

This weekend Nic and I decided to celebrate my new schedule and my revived attitude (sounds funny, but it's so true).  We spent the weekend in Destin.  The water was gorgeous and the weather was perfect.

 The beach + gossips magazines = a great time.  

 Enjoying lunch with an incredible view at The Back Porch.

 The winner by one point!
  Nic's not a sore loser at all.  haha.  

We took the time to relax for hours on the white sandy beaches.  We invested a whopping 10 bucks on beach chairs... definitely worth every penny.  We ate a lot more than we should.  We shopped.  We went to the movies.  And we played a "friendly" game of putt-putt.  It was a perfect weekend, and a great way to celebrate all of the recent changes.

I am grateful to my family and friends for putting up with me while I was working nights.  I am so thankful for the opportunity my boss gave me to change shifts.  And I'm thankful to my husband and parents for giving me that extra push I needed to have the confidence to make the switch.  Love you all!

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