Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beach + FSU = Perfect Weekend.

Last weekend I had three days off in a row.  Yes, 3 full days off.  I was thrilled!  So we seized the chance to have a get-a-way weekend and booked a trip to Destin.  We dropped Bowden off at the Grandoggy-parent's Thursday night (I will touch on this subject later... let's just say it wasn't a pleasant drop off), and headed to one of the prettiest beaches in Florida.  We spent hours on the sandy beach just soaking up the calm, crystal clear water, we did some shopping, we ate a lot (my fave), and no alarm clocks were set... the entire weekend.  Oh, and the weather, I cannot even begin to tell you how perfect it was.  Pure bliss.  What a great way to end the summer!

 Don't you love my new beach bag??  Thanks Christine!  Loved it!

 Doing a little shopping at Destin Commons.

We arrived back in town just in time to pick up our friend, Kaley, and headed to her very FIRST football game!  I know, right?!  How can you live in Seminole Country your entire life and never set foot inside the gorgeous DOAK?  It just boggles my mind.  :)  But I have to say, I think she enjoyed herself (I'm pretty sure the score of 62-10 probably helped), and we're already planning her next game.  

Bethany stopped by too!  :)

We Won!!!

It was a great ending to the weekend!!!  GO NOLES!!  :)

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