Monday, September 5, 2011

Pin-wheel Baby Shower

My bestie is having a baby!  I know, I know, I've already shared that with you, but I'm just so darn excited!  This weekend we were able to celebrate precious Carter who will be arriving in December.  It was so fun to get together with all of Christine's friends and family, most of whom traveled from Miami and Key West.  And I'd have to say, the shower was a success!

The "theme" was paper pin-wheels.  Let me just tell you, paper is fun to craft with.  It's so simple, yet there are endless ways to get creative.  Andrea (a good friend and co-host) and I made paper chains, paper triangle banners and paper pin-wheels to decorate the house, and we of course included the colors of Carter's nursery (garnet, gold and gray) which also happen to be the best color combo ever (go Noles!).
The welcome table.  Andrea made these adorable letters to hang in Carter's nursery.  So cute!

Triangles made out of scrap book paper hanging over the candy station.  I made cake-pops for the first time.  Delicious!  And best of all, they were easy!
Andrea made large pin-wheels to decorate the tables.  She had adorable buttons in a old jar at home to put in the center.  They worked so well with the color scheme!
Mason jars make everything cuter.  
I found the yellow paper straws on Etsy.  
 The salad buffet.  We decided to make different types of salads for the menu because it was a lunch-time shower.  It was tasty and light (well, it would have been light if I didn't go back for seconds...and then thirds.  Did I mention it all tasted so good?).  :)
 The mini-chalk boards were a fun detail.  Andrea made the do-it-yourself cookie jars in the background, which served as prizes for the shower games.

 I found wooden toys at the craft store and painted them red and yellow to match the theme.  Christine just happened to have the perfect colored books which fit in great!
Onesie and bib decorating station.  Such a fun idea.
Andrea found iron-on backing that could go on any fabric.  All you had to do was cut out a shape and iron away.  

They all turned out great!  Carter will be one stylish dude!
My mother-in-law made the cake, and once again out-did herself.  The colors matched perfectly.  Top layer was lemon and bottom layer was strawberry... yummy!

Mommy-to-be!  And as a side note, she made her dress.  Seriously, how crafty is she?  I guess it's those "nesting" pregnancy hormones kicking in.  I think she's taking orders ladies!  :)
 Shower games that never get old.  Terry did a great job planning games.
 Some of the gang!
The party planners!  (Andrea, I had so much fun planning with you... when's our next event?!?)
 Me and my beautiful, preggers friend!

 Christine, thanks for letting us plan this shower.  It was so much fun!!  Baby Carter, I cannot wait to meet you!!!  Love you both!

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  1. Well, the shower looks completely adorable! Y'all did an awesome job!