Sunday, September 18, 2011


It's official.  Nic and I are "those dog people."  You know, "those people" who whip out a picture of their dog to complete strangers.  "Those people" who refer to their dog as their child.  "Those people" who take their dog to doggie day-care (it's true.)... yes we are now "those people."  And I am proud of it! Okay, so don't get totally weirded out by this.  I really do realize that Bowden is just a dog.  And I do know that he is not really my child.  But we have completely and utterly bonded with this cute little creature, and he truly makes my heart happy.  :)

So, let me update you about Bowden...

He has, uh, let's just say, fallen off the perfect doggie path a bit.  Yes, I'm admitting that my dog isn't perfect. :)  He slowly started to get a little snippy with us.  He became afraid of his collar.  He absolutely hated when we touched it.  And what started out as being cute, quickly turned into being serious (at least to me) when he bit Nic... and then my Dad.   He was literally running our house. This really, really worried me.  Images just kept flashing in my head of Bowden attacking a little kid.  Maybe I was over-reacting a bit.  He is just a puppy, you know.  But I knew we had to do something.  

And that's when doggie day-care came into play...

My cousin runs Doggie Dayz Daycare and Training Facility here in town.  And she is literally a dog whisperer.  We called her up, she came to my parent's house, and showed Bowden who was really the boss.. and also scared the crap out of him (literally).  It was unbelievable.  Here walks in a complete stranger to Bowden, and he was already following her orders.  He knew she was in charge.  So after she began training Bowden us, Big B was a completely different pup.  We have since been taking Bowden to Doggie Dayz a couple days a week to get one-on-one training and also socialization with lots of other dogs.  

It is so much fun to see Bowden turning into a real show dog.  Okay, maybe I'm jumping ahead of myself a bit, but his obedience has drastically improved.  

So, just because I'm so darn proud of my puppy, I wanted to show off  how cute he is with an iphone photo dump!

Ladies and Gents... Let me introduce you to the new and improved, obedient, cuddly, and just so stinkin' cute... our fur-child...


Bowden is going under the knife this week to lose one or two of his man-parts... but don't you worry, he's one brave pup!  

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  1. Ohh snap, welcome to the "those dog people" club. Although, I think it happened quite a few months ago. :-) Fortunately, neither of us are quite as weird as "those other dog people." Love all the pictures of cute little Bowden, & your new header too!