Saturday, December 31, 2011

He's Here!!!

He's here!!!  My bestie had her baby!!!!!!  And I am just one ecstatic Auntie!  (okay, well he really arrived December 14th, but I'm trying to hurry up and blog everything in order before the new year rolls around.  Plus, I'm still just as excited as the day he arrived!)

Let me just tell you, I swear this is the cutest, tiniest, most precious little baby boy I've EVER seen!  He melts my heart EVERY time I see him.  And I'm already trying to spoil this little cutie the best I can.  I have to live up to my Auntie duties, you know.

So let me introduce you...  This is  Carter Michael...

This is when we visited little Carter at the hospital.  I fell in love right then and there.  He was a whopping 6lbs 8oz!
Getting to love on him when he arrived home.

 Christine's boys.  Colt is the sweetest puppy around him.

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  1. Just read this one. Made me tear up! Love you so much Auntie Heather, thanks for being the sweetest person I know. :)