Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tree

We found it!  We found the most perfectly shaped, fresh and green, strong scented, marvelous in every way, Bishop Family Christmas Tree!  And it probably only took a whopping 30 minutes this year.  I think that's a new Bishop record!

We carefully drove it home, with the majority of it sticking out of our tiny trunk.  We unwrapped it from the plastic wrapping, and I swear, a light shone down on it as the branches fell into place, and you could hear the angels singing joyfully.  It was that pretty. :)   Nic, being the manly-man that he is, put it in the tree stand all by himself, and we went to decorating.  Boy, it makes me giddy just looking at it!  Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?!  And cute little Bowden, well, let's just say he's adjusting to the new living object in the center of the room just fine.  He does try to bite a branch off every now and then, but he hasn't touched the ornaments yet, so we're in good shape.

It's beginning to look like Christmas in the Bishop household!

Lowe's has never let us down with their trees!
"How about this one, babe?"
We found it!
The Bishop Family Christmas Tree 2011

And because decorating the tree is one of the highlights of my year, Nic put this little video together (video idea from another blog I follow, So Shay)  so that you can share the magical experience with us!  (am I sounding cheesy yet?  good!)


  1. Adorable - made me laugh! So funny to see Bowden's head popping up every now & then. Great tree, by the way.

  2. I watched the whole video!!! How fun :) awww love, autumn