Sunday, November 6, 2011


How is it that October has already come and gone?  Seriously, it flew by.   It was a busy month, filled with lots of excitement.  And since I've gotten behind on my blogging, how about I just compile all of October into one post.

Let me share with you what we've been up to, and some reasons why I love the fall!

  • I love the October weather!  It has been beautiful outside!  Great for walks, and dare I say it, runs with the pup.  Yep.  We have started running.  Well its more of a very slow jog, but hey, it's a start. 

  • FSU football!  Although the majority of October's games were away, we did manage to make it to one.  And it was a beautiful win!

  • Impromptu trips with my girls.  Christine, Andrea and I had a Saturday date in Thomasville.  It consisted of much needed girl time, lots of shopping, and delicious food.  I highly recommend Jonah's Fish and Grits.  All you need to say is "Fried Green Tomatoes," and I'm there!  

  • Scented Candles, Fall decorations and crafting (yes, I know you can craft year-round, but it's just more fun in the Fall).
One of my crafts:  a fall wreath.  Doesn't everything look better if you Instagram it?

  • Halloween.  Our friend Andrea threw a costume/Birthday party, and she once again out did herself.  From the food, to the cake, to the costumes, everything was just so cute spooooky!  

Isn't my pregger's friend and her little pumpkin just too cute??
The nurse and her patient.  We definitely had fun making his costume!

  • My Dad's Birthday, which just happens to be on Halloween.  We celebrated a day early at my house for dessert and gifts.  I didn't want to compete with the huge party he has every year at his house.  Hundreds of kids come over in full costume to help him celebrate.  And instead of bringing him presents, they take candy.  :)

  • Planning for Nic turning the BIG 3-0!!!  Yes, I am officially married to an old man.  And I spent the majority of October brainstorming, planning and crafting for his Mustache Bash.  
A sneak peak.  Lots more to come...

  • But what I like most about October is that in one month it's November, and then it's DECEMBER... which means it's Christmas time!!!  OH, I can't wait!

Happy Fall, y'all!!!

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